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Charitable Giving

Two Sisters, One Journey

To wrap up our Breast Cancer Series we interviewed sisters, Amanda and Alyssa. Their story illustrates resilience in every dimension of the word and continues to shape both of their lives today. They lost their mother, a true matriarch, to Breast Cancer in May 2016, and have both dedicated their lives to telling her story not only as individuals but as a united front. Loss is something we all deal with differently and at a young age it’s not so easy to navigate. Amanda and Alyssa relate to our audience from a completely different perspective. At the time they were two teens whose lives were...

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Fight For Yourself, Fight For Your Future

As our blog series continues we'd like to reinforce a reoccurring theme: "YOU must fight for yourself. YOU must fight for your future." This week we are featuring Jamie, a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend and SURVIVOR. Her story sheds light on the importance of self perception and why raising a voice in support of finding a cure should always be amplified.This series - as it relates to our audience - is about young women and the power we each posses to overcome obstacles with perseverance and a keen sense of self. Cancer has become a familiar term within our vocabulary, but one that often lacks connection if it's not part of...

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Breast Cancer Awareness Month: Face-to-face with Cancer

The month of October, ignited by pink, raises its voice to Breast Cancer Awareness and reminds us of all the survivors, fighters and families that are affected by this disease. It encourages us to learn more about the battles others have gone through with open minds and commit to fighting for a cure, as a unified echo. Throughout the month we will be hosting a Q+A blog series guided by those who've taken breast cancer head on. We believe that their stories can teach young women + men about breast cancer and what it means to fight in every measure of the word. "Breast cancer is non-discriminatory. Sure...

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Honoring Our Matriarchs

World Elephant Appreciation Day occurred this past Friday, September 22. It was a day that shed light on our passion for these beautiful creatures. It also reminded us that there are many other factors that contribute to this great appreciation, including the amazing humans at Save The Elephants that we are honored to share a connection with. Their extensive fieldwork and devotion to these creatures has allowed us to leverage our platform and celebrate a true community of elephant lovers.  We have learned a lot about the Matriarch - a true luminary - and how her role is so important as a leader of strength, guidance and protection...

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Team Megan Night!

This year, the Coal City High School Varsity Volleyball Team will be wearing Ivory Ella's Childhood Cancer Awareness shirts - a collaboration with Megan Bugg - for their annual “Team Megan Night” fundraiser game on Tuesday, September 26. The word TEAM has played a major role throughout this whole month and Ivory Ella is honored to support this game with shirts that have taken on a life of their own. Whether through collaboration, heightening voices or supporting a cause there has always been one end goal; to stand in numbers because no one should ever have to battle alone. As a united team, we all remain hopeful and will...

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