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Charitable Giving

Team Megan Night!

This year, the Coal City High School Varsity Volleyball Team¬†will be wearing¬†Ivory Ella's Childhood Cancer Awareness shirts - a collaboration with Megan Bugg -¬†for their annual ‚ÄúTeam Megan Night‚ÄĚ fundraiser game on Tuesday, September 26. The word TEAM has played a major role throughout this whole month and Ivory Ella¬†is honored to support this game with shirts that have taken on a life of their own. Whether through collaboration, heightening voices¬†or supporting a cause there has always been one end goal; to stand¬†in¬†numbers because no one should ever have to battle¬†alone. As a united team, we all remain¬†hopeful and will...

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Boston Children's Hospital, Round Two

Elephants are known to be full of wisdom and exude compassion + patience. At Ivory Ella we take pride in educating others about these magnificent mammals and why they are so important to this world.  During our second visit to Boston Children's Hospital we set up a table in front of the main entrance; a special location with very humbling perimeters. It was full of Ivory Ella supplies for patients and families that remind us of the very strength elephants possess. For a few hours our team handed out stuffed elephants in exchange for smiles and grateful parents, which was the gift of a lifetime. In...

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A Visit to Boston Children's Hospital

The month of September plays a major role when it comes to spreading awareness about Childhood Cancer. Many of you joined in on our journey with Megan Bugg - a story that continues to give us all HOPE when fighting for a cure, together.  Ms. Bugg's biggest goal is to fight for children alike and utilize her voice to make a difference. With that in mind and much thanks to her morale, we have been inspired to learn more for all children and families and share as we go along. Recently, we had the amazing opportunity to talk with Boston Children's Hospital, more specifically a few Child Life...

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Inspiration Behind the Childhood Cancer Tee

Our Childhood Cancer Tee was inspired by our dear friend, Megan Bugg.¬†Our brainstorming session this past June consisted of a lot of colored pencils, thoughtful doodles¬†and simultaneous laughter. Megan's number one goal is to spread awareness about childhood cancer and share her story so that others can be inspired to never lose hope. Learn more about Megan's design choices and how this project came to be in our Q+A below! ÔĽŅ Q: What inspired the lotus flower and what was the connection you drew from it?A.¬†The lotus flower really inspired me because of the way it grows. It starts underground...

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World Elephant Day 2017

One of the ways we kicked off World Elephant Day, 2017, is to announce our partnership with Roger Williams Park Zoo here in our home state of Rhode Island. Alongside the work we do with Save The Elephants, we believe passionately in supporting our community. When we learned that our local zoo was caring for African elephants both here and abroad, it was a no-brainer. We feel humbled and honored to lend support to a local organization that demonstrates a true commitment of care for all animals. Our name - Ivory Ella - attached to the elephant yard provides us...

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