Charitable Giving

A Father's Duty

Frank Pope, CEO of Save The Elephants, shares his sincere take on the importance of being a father and the weight that carries when paired up against nature. His story - influenced by northern Kenya - gives insight into the challenges we face as humans on this planet and how much of an impact we truly have, both environmentally and socially. We hope his vitalized words inspire our readers and remind us all why saving the elephants is such a major responsibility in relation to the bigger, bolder picture.   Living in a National Reserve in northern Kenya has its challenges, but it certainly gives you some advantages as...

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Ivory Ella Gives Back

This past week a few members of our team had the privilege of visiting the Hasbro Children’s hospital in Providence, RI. Hasbro is well known as the area’s premier children’s hospital and prides itself on not only providing excellent medical care but also a warm and welcoming environment for its patients.                           Noah loved his stickers so much he pasted them all over his outfit! Our team met oncology patients ranging from ages 2 to 24 and handed out shirts and other goodies to brighten up their days!...

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