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National Girlfriend Day

Meet Lauren (left), 23, and Megan (right), 16; two young women who share a deep understanding for true friendship.

For the past 8 years Lauren has been making care baskets for children with cancer. It began as something small - in her bedroom - and lead to a project she could have never imagined. Her desire to give back and make others smile is the gift that has yet to stop giving.

Last fall, Megan reached out to Lauren through her care package Instagram account and shortly after Lauren sent her a basket. After that, they bonded. In Lauren's words, "We sort of just, clicked."

In celebration of National Girlfriend Day we asked Lauren some questions about Megan. Learn more about these two and their journey below!

Q: Who is Megan to you?

A: My friendship with Megan means the world to me. She's such an important aspect of my life and has brought me so much joy and hope.

Q: What sort of impact has Megan had on you?

A: She empowers me to live my life to the fullest and to appreciate every day that I am given. She has taught me that I can truly make a difference.

Q: In just a few words, how would you describe Megan?

A: Megan is the perfect example of girl power. She's the most powerful 16-year-old I know!

Q: What is one special attribute of your friendship?

A: Megan and I lean on each other in several ways. Whenever we are having a bad day or just feeling defeated by life, we look to each other for empowerment.

Q: What about Megan inspires you most?

A: Megan's perseverance and refusal to give up has inspired me beyond belief. I have learned so much from her. She is wise beyond her years. When we talk its not about her being sick - she doesn't like to focus on it. That's really admirable to me because it has taught me to not focus on the bad in my life, but to just focus on the good. That's something that really helps me to this day.


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